How to use biomembranes from charmm-gui archive?

GROMACS version: 2022
GROMACS modification: No

I am preparing a simulation with the protein human Tim50 from alphafold embedded in a inner mitochondrial bilayer membrane provided by CHARMM-GUI. Many of the lipids used to construct the membrane need to be added to the Charmm36 topology file. Do the simulation files provided need to be converted into different file formats prior to adding the new lipids to the topology file? Which folder do these files need to be added to?

Maybe they need to be added, but frequently charmm-gui outputs are stand-alone ready (unless you want to use pdb2gmx, then you need to write some .rtp files). Check if there is a gromacs/ directory somewhere in what is distributed by charmm-gui. Presumably that will have a .top and a toppar/forecfield.itp file that you can use.