Question of table.xvg file

GROMACS version: 4.6.7
GROMACS modification: No
When I run GROMACS with ’-table table/table.xvg’, the following error message is prompted:

As you can see, there are only seven columns,so I’m confused about the reason for this problem,and what should i do to make it run.
Thank you.

Somewhere in your file there must be a line with 8 columns. This will be the one just before the first warning about 7 columns. I would guess this should be the first line with data. What are the first few line in your file?

Thanks for your reply.
I have solved the problem.
There are really only seven columns in the xvg file, but I generated the file in windows, and the encoding format is UTF-8. However, in Linux, the required file encoding format is UNIX, so eight columns are recognized