Setting up the system for MD Simulation on XSEDE Bridges 2

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I am an XSEDE bridges user, I use to run and generate input files on my local computer and use to feed the input on XSEDE bridges allocation to run my simulation using the GROMACS suite. As after the new allocation to the Bridegs2, I am having an issue running the jobs as the jobs are taking longer than usual ( longer than on my local computer) even increasing the number of nodes or processors (which was not the case with the bridges). I have a couple of suggestions, like preparing the system on Bridges 2, as I am not familiar with that (how to prepare the system on XSEDE as I am still learning) and also did not find any module or tutorial on how to build the system on Bridges 2.

I would like to request If I can get some suggestions or help to solve the issue. Thank you.