Centering ligands and protein

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I have a simulated a system of protein with two ligands. to centre the protein I ligand, I made index file consisting of protein and ligand. then i centred using following commands-


gmx trjconv -s step4.0_minimization.tpr -f output.xtc -o outputwhole.xtc -pbc whole -dt 10 n ligand.ndx
gmx trjconv -s step4.0_minimization.tpr -f outputwhole.xtc -o outputcluster.xtc -pbc cluster -dt 10 -n ligand.ndx
gmx trjconv -s step4.0_minimization.tpr -f outputcluster.xtc -o outputbox.xtc -pbc mol -center -dt 10 n ligand.ndx


however in the pdb from trajectory, ligands are not centred. how can i centre the ligand?

Another question, can we output more than groups (eg protein and ligand) instead of using index file becuase gromacs have grouped them already.
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did you try in the last step to use only -center?
sorry I do not understand the last question. Can you reformulate?