Minimization curve

I am trying to minimize energy in my protein, but xmgrace gave me a slightly negative curve. I tried to decrease Emtol to 100 but the effect was almost the same. The simulation is carried out in a water environment. I also can’t do nvt equilibration now because it stops on 0 step.Is it possible that it is caused by hydrophobic character of fab domain of my antibody? I also have files that i got when i finished minimization
I need help, please.

minim.mdp (1.0 KB)
em.log (2.7 MB)

The curve is fine. If mdrun stopped at step 0, then something failed and you should find an informative error message in the .log file or stderr.

Dear Justin Lemkul
Is it in em.log file??, and where I could find stderr errors list
?? I also got this
em (2).log (1.2 MB)