Physicality of force in accelerate MD option

I am trying to use the accelerate MD options with a value of about 0.02 nm/ps^2. I learned that the nm/ps^2 for acceleration is not extremely high for MD simulation as commented by Dr. @hess here How to apply COM pull on molecules of the same type? - #4 by hess. However the unit of acceleration should have ripped the atoms into neutrons already but this did not happen when calculations are performed.

How is this acceleration say, NOT unphysical for MD simulations? I would also appreciate if you could also include articles that uses accelerate.

The forces produced by that magnitude of acceleration are several orders of magnitude smaller than the forces working between atoms, so there is no issue at all.

There are many papers using external forces on atoms. But I don’t see the point in giving a list here. I assume you have a scientific question you want to answer. The question is then what would be a suitable method to get the answer.