Visual Interactive Analysis of Molecular Dynamics (VIAMD)

Brief description of the tool:

VIAMD (Visual Interactive Analysis of Molecular Dynamics) is an open-source software designed to facilitate molecular dynamics (MD) analysis. It simplifies the complexities associated with MD analysis by providing an integrated platform for visualization, computation, and analysis.

This tool offers an intuitive interface, allowing users to visualize 3D molecular structures, analyze properties, and navigate data sets efficiently. VIAMD includes various tools like timeline, distribution, density views, … enabling researchers to gain comprehensive insights into their molecular systems.

Released under the MIT license, VIAMD encourages collaborative development and community-driven improvements. The supported file formats have been focused on Gromacs and its ecosystem (gro, xtc, edr, trr).


Contact person (name and email address):
Mathieu Linares -

How the work has been tested/reviewed:
VIAMD has been published in JCIM: “VIAMD: a Software for Visual Interactive Analysis of Molecular Dynamics”, Skånberg, R.; Hotz, I.; Ynnerman, A.; Linares, M.

Please use the discussion page of the github if you have any questions.